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We are proud to present to you Chymamusiq Records' artists. Presented below is a list - with artists’ industry names, display pix and short desriptions.

  • Chymamusique

    Founder and artist manager, Burgersfort.

    Chymamusique started his music career as a jazz pianist in year 2000, he then developed love for house music and started learning production in year 2006. There after he came out and released his 1st online release in 2010 and that's where most people started knowing about his music.

    In 2011 he won 3 remix competitions conducted by Soulcandi, Blackwhole ENT and Castle Lite and that's where people started paying more attention to his music and djs started using his material on their compilations.

    Currently Chymamusique is running his own label and works with numerous labels as a producer/remixer and a Dj. He also worked on a CD which dropped late in the year 2012 with only his trax. Chymamusique shared stage with the likes of Vinny Da Vincy, Glen Lewis, QB Smith, Charles Webster and Atjazz and his music is been played on most radio stations in RSA and online radios.

    He played on TV (hit refresh), Metro fm, Yfm and he played internationally too. His music available on, traxsource, beatport, itunes, etc. under numerous record labels. Some tracks/songs are available on compilations by Dj Terrance(Music box 6) under Soulcandi records,Dj Mo-flava under Universal Records and more music coming on Stereo Candi 6 mixed by Dj Claude, Mofunk Magic and House Afrika sessions 2, House Blends by Dj Malankane and more upcoming Cds..

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  • John Lundun

    Pianist and music producer, Polokwane.

    John Lundun (Chuene Marakalala) started his music career in the early years of his life when his father bought him a small digital piano. Ever since he has been addicted to playing the piano and keyboards.

    John Lundun’s talent and determination commands attention. He grew up in the streets of Seshego and Flora Park in Polokwane, Limpopo Province. Upon completion of his High School studies, he decided to pursue music as a profession and went to study Music and Jazz Piano at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, where he obtained his Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music.

    While studying in TUT he built himself a studio and got into music production and producing some soulful and jazzy house music. It was during this time that he started producing tracks and working on some remixes, some of which he put on YouTube.

    It was through these links on YouTube that he met House music Genius Chymamusique (Collen Mmotla). They have since both been working on remixes and have received a lot of positive feedback on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently worked on Remixes for Italian Group Dolls Combers and a couple of local Djs and Artists.

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  • Afrique Essence

    Duo, Pianists and music producers, Rustenburg.

    Afrique Essence was formed in Pretoria in 2010 by musicians/producers Karabo 'KRB' Dibodu and Tshegofatso 'Dee Delux' Didibeng. It was later discovered by Chymamusiq in 2013.

    The duo crossed paths earlier in 2003 when they attended the same school of music studying jazz. Both studied piano as their first instrument.

    Individually the guys have always had a love for music production, and each has earned their right to be considered certified producers, experimenting with multiple genres from Motswako/ Hip Hop to Kwaito, Gospel to Afro pop and Afro-Jazz.

    Pursuing individual interests after music school, it was not until early 2010 that the two met up again and decided to coin Afrique Essence, a brand that would be focused at creating a unique sound of dance music. Moving away from just playing in live bands and mainstream Jazz standards, the two started exercising their abilities as producers. They started incorporating their background in Jazz, into their music, and added a touch of Soul to create a sound that would be their signature. Their sound has won many hearts, appreciated by music lovers in general not just house heads.

    The sound of Afrique Essence is not necessarily complex, it's easy on the ear, it has that unmistakable Jazzy Soul to it, it's mellow and rich.

    Both KRB and Dee Delux work together on production. "either one of us can come up with the concept of a song, but in the end we both tackle it, we have good understanding. Naturally we see some things differently a lot of times but it always works out."

    On performance KRB handles the decks while Dee Delux is on keys adding live elements to their performance. "When we play our original music we add a special treat with Dee Delux live on keys". At times they explore using spontaneous ideas on other well known songs.

    The philosophy behind the sound of Afrique Essence is simple-Good Music. This duo is a welcome addition to SA's house music culture. Look out for them through Chymamusiq Records.

  • Miz-Dee

    Female music producer, Pretoria.

    The young lady started her music career in 2007 being involved in the Hip-Hop scene. In 2011 Penelope started developing love for deep house music.

    Quickly she came in touch with local house heads and producers; BlackJean, Locosoul, DJ Bullet, MaftownBoys and Deeper Gravity Deep Tape, Ta-Ice, Zulu Mafia and more.

    She was then signed at NU DEEP RECORDS, and gave life to fresh deep house stuff. Her first EP "Daughter of the earth wind" featuring an international vocalist Bob James to her was a dream that came true because tracks were blazing hot. The EP included remixes from BLack-Jean and DJ cupid. The project has been getting waves from SA's best producers like Vinny Da Vinci, Dj's@Work and other great producers!

    In 2011, Miz-Dee met one of the greatest producers and mentor Chymamusique, learned from his music and released her second EP titled SOULTOWN featuring her band House@Soul which was released under her new home Chymamusiq Records. she then started to get recognition from South African and international producers.

    Her third EP features her remix with Chymamusique, Cannon Soul and Possessed Soul. In 2013, Miz-Dee was featured in two of the hottest compilation albums Brazo Wa Afrika's Ultimate Fusion House Afrika session3 and Ta-Ice's Room 38

    The 21 year old Miz-Dee's fourth vocal and soulful EP owing to be released in March featuring international vocalist and producers DollsCombers and Dana Byrd, with remixes from Chymamusique, John Lundun, Cool Affair and BetaSweet... Be on the look out for her staff through Chymamusiq Records!

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  • TekniQ

    Music producer, Pretoria.

    Born 1989 in depths of Mamelodi, one of South Africa's distinctive townships, Thabang Ntuli is the prodigy of an emerging industry talent. Known for his stage name "TekniQ" in which it greatly describes his vast versatility in music, he has emerged in the wake of the influence of localized jazz musicians..

    Thabang studied sound engineering and music production lessons at Emendy Sound and Music College at the age of 21 to obtain a diploma, in which after he then pursued a career in music and entertainment after a brief pause with an esteemed group of musicians named "Gemini Boys".

    The musical expedition began in the early years of his teenage life, where he then established a production band with his childhood friends to be called Gemini Boys. As a hobby and probably a rather perceptible interest in the social lifestyle, the group caught a lot of attention. Seemingly because they produced their own music and performed it as well, making them one the few artists to do so in Mamelodi. After a couple of years trying to juggle a demanding routine of being an artist and a student in the Faculty of Management, Thabang then realized that he might as well grow his knowledge in the industry that he well understands and loves, thus he then went on to study Sound Engineering.

    Obtaining a Diploma in Sound Engineering and a heightened skill set in music production, TekniQ then went on to produce songs that are domestically & internationally recognized. He took of where he left off as a young aspiring musician. Ever since his fledgling years as a member an underground trademarked band, he rubbed shoulders and shared a stage with industry elites such as Black Coffee, Vinny Da Vince, Dj Sbu to name a few. He then continued to work with an international record label "Cabana Records" in which he still releases under from time 2 time. Through radio interviews, airplay, an immense amount of gig performances and his distinctive style of music, TekniQ has then gained a reputation in underground music scene.

    TekniQ now continues to work under promising Management and Events company "Deep'n Soul Touch" where he shares a platform with 6 of Mamelodi's finest dj's and producers and Tebogo Mokatse the Manager and driving force of this establishment. With more years ahead of him, he has proven to be regarded as one of the next top Musicians of South Africa or perhaps the world.

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  • DJ Fortee

    Music producer, Pretoria.

    DJ Fortee is one of the hard working DJ/Producer in Pretoria South Africa, he was born in Ga-Rankuwa and raised in a small township in Pretoria Soshanguve. His DJ'n career started just after he turned 16, hanging around neighborhood friends who were DJs and being a simple tag along, while playing at small event/parties had a huge influence on his DJ'n growth. Becoming a young determined DJ was the best decision a young youth turning 18 could make.

    DJ Fortee bought his first DJ mixer from a friend and a pair of CDJs. Because he wanted to be known and fast, he strategically made mix tapes and handed them out for free which earned him the notoriety he needed. Soon after He found himself playing alongside the Soulful House Legends such as: "Black Coffee", "DJ Christos", "Vinny Da Vinci" and "Oskido" just to name a few.

    At the age of 20, DJ Fortee began visioning the party goers grooving to his own original produced music. So in the studio he went to begin self-learning the art of music production and out came the beginning to a music producing career. Excitement only increased his determination when he was approached by one of Universal's artist, DJ Choice after hearing his first vocal recorded track titled "Ngoba Nguwe", where he featured a talented young vocalist "Tshepo Dolfey Lebese". DJ Fortee was then asked to be part of DJ Choice's 3rd album release titled "Casanova Vol.2" where he had to produce four vocal tracks.

    The inspiration from family, friends and fans kept his creativity evolving only rewarding him with greater exposure and working with bigger and known artists/producers such as "Black Motion", "Alexandra James" (from Black Coffee Africa Rising Dvd) just to name a few.

    Today DJ Fortee has a very contemporary sound that fuses a combination of Ancestral and Soulful house, coming together to form a sweet and groovy Afrosoul House.

    Early 2012 DJ Fortee joined forces with his partner in crime Komplexity, whom is a vocalist and songwriter, to launch a unique sound, their first track collaboration was written by Katlego Tigele "DJ Fortee" and released digitally under Moodyfreaks Record Label and also on "The Evolution Of African House" album mixed by "The Moodyfreaks", track titled "The one". The two kept working together for Months till they decided to come up with one creative name for themselves "KomFort Blendz".

    They released their first album as "KomFort Blendz" titled "Keep Walking" in 2013 under "House Afrika", titled "House Afrika Sessions 3, a five bumper pack release including other four various artists/producers. Likes of "Problem Child, Brazo Wa Afrika, Dvine Brothers and La-Shad. Their album featured amongst others a host of great both male and female artists, with Akhona, Rethabile, Petmuso and Tebogo J at the helm of any array of original works.

    DJ Fortee was granted the opportunity to work on an international remix, by "William Reelsoul" titled "Searching" featuring a South African Born vocalist "Kaylow", the track made it to "Jungle Fever Vol.1 as well as two of his other tracks" mixed by "Wishingsoul" released by DeepForest SA. DJ Fortee also worked with Mr. O to bring out a soulful groove album which is circulating around the world.

    Again his delighted creativity evolved rewarding him with the discovery of African - American Singer/Songwriter "Tiffany Rosebud" from United States. They represent a divine musical connection and have released their first double single EP digitally.

    DJ Fortee is now working on his new album titled "The Murmur" which is due April/May 2014 which features local talented vocalists. Look out for the release.

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  • Dvine Brothers

    Duo, Music producers, Pretoria.

    Dvine Brothers is a duo born in the North West residing in the North of Pretoria.

    Growing up on a heavy influence of deep house and family members in the entertainment industry, their involvement in music industry was inevitable. From humble beginnings they begun to explore their talents in music evolving from DJs to music producers making waves with every release they come about, Itumeleng Segatlhe (Dvine lopez) being a song writer & producer, most of their songs are musically & lyrically inspired which makes the duo a formidable group to have come up in the local scenery combined with the fluidity and keen ear for music of Neo Tsatsimpe (Nesh Underground) makes him a producer of note.

    Dvine Brothers released their first album in 2013 titled House Afrika Sessions 3 under Sony Records which sold just over 10 000 copies.Their music is growing every day and is doing really well on the dancefloors.You can check out their latest releases on or iTunes.They have played in a lot of provinces around the country and are also known for the percussionist and pianist they play long distance gigs.They are currently working on their Solo album and have featured artists such as Mxo, Ckenz Voucal, Magic Soul, Howard and are also working with TekniQ on a few tracks as their Co Producer.