Chymamusiq Records

About Chymamusiq Records

Chymamusiq records is home to five main producers with a unique musical talent. Led and founded by Chymamusique, the record label has challenged the current favourite upbeat/clubbing house genre with its soulful and jazzy house and caught the attention of local radio station and a massive following too. The strong piano emphasis has been the key element to their production with all the four producers being pianists, the selection of notes becomes quite a meticulous process.

The consistent perfection has led to the stable recognition from other record labels both local and abroad yielding countless collaborations between record labels. The ripple effect of the success of the label has also led to contacts from local and international vocalist to be featured on forthcoming productions as well as other producers to release their own tracks under the successful label's name. The label continues to grow, seeking new talent and sowing more on their peculiar sound, diversifying it, so as to continue making a mark on the house scene.

Producers fully involved with Chymamusiq Records are Cannon Soul, John Lundun, Afrique Essence(Duo) and a talented female producer by the name of Miz-Dee(Penelope). There are also various talented vocalists who have been working with us. The involved vocalists are Botshelo, Miss Sheila, Tebogo, Siya, Tamlyn, Caysoul, Mindgames crew and more other talented vocalists that keep doing great things with us.

In Association with

Some of our tracks are available on compilations by Dj Terrance(Music box 6) under Soulcandi records, Dj Mo-flava under Universal Records and more music coming on Stereo Candi 6 mixed by Dj Claude, Mofunk Magic and House Afrika sessions 2, House Blends by Dj Malankane and more upcoming CDs.